Cease Gelato operations and refund $GEL token holders

Whether or not the G-UNI spinoff is a cash grab is irrelevant to me. The reason that I invested in GEL was to develop and market the core functionality of Gelato’s smart contract/executor products. Hilmar and Luis are true visionaries and have assembled a great team around a needed concept. The G-UNI platform, with the impressive TVL, seems like a total distraction. A year and a half ago, I was invested in another project that faced the same type of situation. The founders of that project saw that they could split off a big piece of the business (a lending platform) because it was totally different than the primary business (insurance). They lined up lots of outside investors and made a decision to not provide benefits to holders of the core coin. The spinoff caused massive dissention and a major sell-off ($0.13 to $0.02) over the course of a few weeks. The company was on the verge of their mainnet launch, yet the project failed spectacularly and now sits at $0.001. The spinoff is now being re-integrated into the main project… Hopefully, cooler heads will prevail with the Gelato project and we won’t have a massive selloff due to greed and envy.


Closing this topic due to clear community sentiment to reject this proposal.