Deeper cooperation w/ Copperlaunch

Copperlaunch by Alchemist project is gaining popularity for bootstrapping initial LP and fair launching of tokens by many projects residing on mainnet, Polygon and Arbitrum.

GalleonDAO’s DBL being the latest case, the team immediately deployed the initial LP on Arbitrum Sushiswap. Sushi’s LP token being ERC20 + potential to be included in Onsen program is an attractive factors newer projects’ incentivizing additional LP.

I suggest Gelato’s G-UNI could be an alternative choice for those projects in need of early stage liquidity acquisition.

Uniswap v3’s concentrated liquidity feature can be much more capital efficient for more sophisticated LPers. By enabling LP pricing range automation for comparatively shallower pools could allow more casual LPers and defi users to join in, effectively contributing to the projects’ ecosystem while G-UNI finds another case of problem solving.

We know that creating G-UNI for a new pair is totally up to the initiating users, however, if smoother pipelining for G-UNI pooling from Copperlaunch to Sorbet by both team’s cooperation, it could facilitate better adoption by the casual users.

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Hey @vfactorial - been following Galleon for quite some time now and have been extremely interesting in what they are doing now deployed to Arbitrum.
Definitely agree here, G-UNI fits the need for bootstrapping of initial liquidity perfectly, feel free to reach out to the different protocols you want to see G-UNI being utilised. :slight_smile:
That would be awesome, keep an eye on g-uni :wink:

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