GEL airdrop for partner's users

Summary : Airdrop a little GEL to users who have used Gelato and might not know it (through dapps that use Gelato for automation, such as InstaDapp)

Background & Motivation : Many users of Gelato’s partners, mainly InstaDapp’s, have relied on Gelato for automation and therefore know it’s power and usefulness. However, they might not know what Gelato is or how it works. Giving them free tokens would act as a marketing strategy to attract both users and partners. Of course, this should apply to anyone who automated before 13th sep 2021 so that this proposal isn’t used as a mining strategy.
Now, this might be too much of a stretch, but, since InstaDapp would probably be happy about their users getting free tokens, Would it be too much to ask for to have them notify their users about their newly aquired GEL?

Note that I took InstaDapp as an example but this could be done for pretty much any of Gelato’s partners.

Participants/Team : Gelato Digital GmbH, InstaDapp (or whatever partner applies)

Milestones and Deliverables : I would wait for GEL price to stabilice before impementation so as to avoid volatility and speculation. Depending on how much GEL would get airdroped, it could take more or less time to complete the proposal. If it’s not significant to total supply, proposal could be implemented instantly. Otherwise, multiple small airdrops (similar to a vesting schedule) could be implemented to avoid price impact.

Risks : A lot of these users will inevitably dump. For them t’s free money and no need to research. That’s why I suggest only a small amount of GEL is minted for this. Also, some tokens might end up lost in wallets forever.

Please comment
How do you feel about airdroping GEL?
How much GEL do you think should be minted for this proposal?
What partners do you think are good candidates for this proposal?


Very cool idea! Actually have been thinking along those lines for quite some time now.

What I would like to do is eventually start a “Developer Mining Program” where Developers who build applications that use Gelato will get monthly rewards based on how many transactions they execute on a monthly basis.

That way we could have a leaderboard of dapps and show which ones use Gelato the most and those will get GEL awards. This way, new projects that are thinking about integrating Gelato for automating their transactions could actually earn money from using Gelato instead of other services because we reward them with GEL tokens.

What do you think? Great initiative @FranLegon !


I’ve thought of the same thing. There is another project that conducts periodically mini hackthons where devs and existing projects are encouraged to build upon the network and the products are judged and voted by both the project team / partners and the community.

Essentially, I do believe that a developer oriented incentive program is highly favorable for expanding the footprint of Gelato network, especially considering that one of the goals of Gelato network is to be chain agnostic.

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Yes totally, I think starting to sponsor some hackathons is a first good way to achieve this. We will be proposing a marketing strategy soon which aims to target all web3 developers soon, which has the goal to get more people to start adopting using @jun is currently finishing that up!


I see a huge meme potential here :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

That’s a much better idea than mine. You should make it it’s own post.
Targeting developers and ecosystem growth is definitely the way to go.


Hi, I have a small suggestion for the whole crypto community, I would like to suggest the possibility of making a poap with the name of the project logo as a prize for the whole crypto community to participate in an event, and using the poap it rewards to organize a raffle. This would certainly attract some traffic. Of course the exact amount and quantity would need to be carefully discussed, this is just an immature idea that I hope to consider,Of course there is also the possibility of co-organising an AMA. in sushi’s discord, thanks for checking it out!

I like this idea.
Can we take it further and reward incentivised developers to hodl gel with a little multiplier?
Similar to an Alchemist coin Aludel?

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This is a great suggestion. A certain vesting scheme accompanied with some extra bonus may encourage developers to have skins in the game for the long run. In the end, we would like them to be value investors as well.