GEL Mining and Gelato Network's Centralization

I have compiled a few questions regarding GEL mining and (des)centralization I woold like to know Gelato Digital GmbH’s take on:

  • How will the ammount of GEL mined by executors be determined?
  • Since most of the total supply at GelatoDAO launch will be owned by the team and the whitelist to get an executor slot will be written by the DAO, how will descentralization be achieved? Won’t those who own most GEL mine most of the remaining GEL?
  • Since, as the team has said, not many executors are needed, how can we make sure not only a few people mine 50% of all GEL and centralize the network?
  • Other than what is needed for gas costs, will executors charge a fee to the user for their service? Will they keep earning GEL if they also charge a fee?

As you can see, I am mostly concerned about centralization. I believe Gelato Digital GmbH trully wants Gelato Network to become descentralized, but I see a lot of friction to achieve that. Maybe they want to own the DAO for a couple of years and then sell their GEL? I really don’t know.
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Valid questions.

I’ve asked a related question previously and got some answers from the team. Not covering what exactly you ask, but might be worth as a reference.

I realize now my understanding on executor’s compensations was wrong. They do not mine new GEL, they get payed in the same currency they pay for gas in the users behalf.
Still, most of my questions can be rephrased to make sense. I will rewritte them on a new post soon.
I’m sorry if I made you waste your time, I should have done more research before posting.

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Appreciate your diligence. And still, those are absolute valid questions to ask in my opinion.

As you have mentioned, it’s important to realize the role of GEL in the ecosystem, especially among the executors. It’s basically a means to enforce the executors’ abiding the “rules” by having skin in the game. On one hand, they need the token to participate, and on the other hand, they will be punished (slashed) for any bad action.

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