Gelato Community Guidelines

Gelato Community Guidelines

So you’ve made it to the Gelato Cave, we welcome you here whole-heartedly!

Whilst we are open discussion maximalists, we must establish some ground rules. As you have noticed from us by now, we’ve been quite open to different kinds of ideas and suggestions by the Community on how we can better position Gelato to ensure long-term success. We always appreciate our Community’s input, and we also want to continue to remain flexible in our communication so that we can always remain transparent. We’re not here to baby-sit anyone, but we must establish some ground rules for constructive discourse moving forward. We think that most people understand the basic rules of communication on the internet and know how to converse reasonably, so we’ll be quick.

  • Strictly no spam, shilling, or promoting of any coins, services or otherwise. Consecutive promotional or spammy posts will be deleted.

  • Abuse and/or personal attacks will not be tolerated. This includes any form of discrimination. If you cannot convey your thoughts and beliefs on a particular topic in a reasonable manner and have already been warned once - there will be no second chances!

  • Spreading misinformation and FUD. Any attempt to introduce deliberate FUD or facilitate the spread of misinformation with no basis will result in an instant ban. If something is unclear to you, please let us know - we understand that many people learn different concepts in a variety of ways. So let us know how we can communicate better and ensure that messages are conveyed clearly within Gelato.

  • Please keep all topics relevant to Gelato. If you have a cool idea for how a project you are deeply involved with can collaborate with Gelato, that’s amazing! Please share your thoughts with us as we’re always happy to explore integrations across web3.

Crypto has no borders or bounds, that’s the beauty of web3. It’s a place for us all across the world to connect with different languages, cultures and beliefs as we explore and build in this extremely exciting and fruitful space. If you want to work more closely with the Gelato Team, we are hiring!

That’s all!


thanks for putting this together @Dan :slight_smile:

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Reasonable for all adults out there