Gelato Governance Process

Here you can find Gelato’s Governance Process for turning an idea into an implementation


Nice framework @Dan !! Very clear :+1:

Question: do we have a quantifiable threshold for a proposal to go into the next phase or get the final approval? Something like:

  1. to proceed from phase 1 to 2, the yes votes need to be >50% of all votes which have to be > 100;
  2. to get the final approval, the amount of GEL that participated in the voting has to be > 3% of circulation supply and the amount of unique addresses has to be >100

Just threw out some random numbers here, but you catch my drift :wink:


Thank you!

Great ideas you outlined. This is definitely something that can implemented further down the line and having some clearly quantifiable metrics would definitely support the process. For simplicities sake currently, if the greater consensus agrees to the Proposal and it’s within Gelato’s scope, you can expect it to progress to the next phase.