Gelato x Optimism Builder Bounties

Dear Builder,

We at Gelato are excited to offer 50,000 OP Tokens as part of our Builder Bounties grant program. The purpose of this grant is to educate the community about Gelato and help developers figure out how to seamlessly integrate our services within the Optimism ecosystem.

To apply for the grant, please answer the questions and include the following information about your project via the following link here:

Gelato x Optimism Builder Bounties

Why Gelato?
One of the biggest problems preventing wider adoption from happening is how complex it is to build and operate web3 applications compared to their web2 counterparts.

This is unsurprising, as web2 infrastructure (including developer APIs, tooling, and servers) have been developed over the past 30 years, providing developers with a solid foundation to build on.

Web3 needs a similar infrastructure that enables projects to focus on their core business logic rather than deep technical issues. This includes services that deliver seamless UX and a superior user onboarding experience, the ability to operate and automate an application’s processes as well as enabling developers to enrich their web3 applications with off-chain data.

Gelato provides this for developers by abstracting away the low level complexities of operating web3 applications and providing users with a better UX, while retaining the properties of decentralization and transparency.

Gelato enables builders to:

1. Reliably operate web3 applications

Even though smart contracts define the rules and business logic of an application, they don’t actually automatically execute them by themselves. If a system like a dynamic NFT provider relies on having to automatically execute smart contract functions to change the NFT visual every 10 minutes, then this would still need to be done manually. This makes them the central bottleneck of their own system and leads to an unreliable service due to the complex nature of automating thousands of transactions at scale.

Gelato has a 80% market share in the smart contract automation space as it provides developers with a scalable, reliable, decentralized automation service in web3.

2. User Experience & Onboarding

To use a blockchain, developers need to ask their users to own and pay for each interaction with their native token, which makes it difficult to build interaction-heavy applications. To provide users with a “gasless” experience, teams must employ entire backend teams to build, run, maintain and scale custom Relay infrastructure. In fact, many teams have voiced problems to us in regards to scalability and reliability issues of their current solutions for relaying transactions. To truly scale to hundreds of thousands of transactions per hour, a horizontally scalable and decentralized infrastructure like Gelato Relay is a necessity.

3. Enriching web3 applications with off-chain data

Blockchains are isolated from the rest of the web, a fact which greatly limits the usefulness that web3 applications can bring to their customers today. To tackle this issue, Gelato is developing a novel off-chain data and computation service called Off-Chain Resolvers. This new service enables developers to deploy custom backend scripts which fetch arbitrary off-chain data, validate it based on their security requirements and execute on-chain transactions based on them. Off-Chain Resolvers enable projects to access data which is not available on-chain and connect their smart contracts to the real world. For example, on-chain music royalty payments based on how often songs on platforms like Spotify have been listened to. Ultimately, this makes decentralized applications significantly more powerful by enriching the user experience with relevant data.

In summation, Gelato enables decentralized applications to:

  • Enable a seamless web2-like UX that is fast, scalable and responsive, by leveraging gasless transactions to make it easy for users to access the web3 app without needing to pay for the network transaction fees themselves
  • Help developers automate their on-chain processes in a decentralized, scalable way
  • Enrich web3 applications by giving them access to off-chain data from news sites, stock exchanges, or social networks which increase the applications usefulness for mainstream customers

Grant Eligibility criteria:

  • The project must relate to one or more Gelato services.
  • The project must benefit web3 developers and the broader community.
  • The applicant must be willing to collaborate with other grant recipients and the Gelato team to share knowledge and best practices.
  • Grant funds are given solely for the purpose of completing the project, applicants must provide documentation of how the funds were used.

Please note that the amount of OP tokens awarded to each project will depend on the number of applications received and the quality of the submissions. To apply for the grant, please indicate in your application how many OP tokens you would like to receive for your project. We will do our best to accommodate your request, but please understand that the amount of funds available is limited and we may not be able to fulfil all requests. Applications will stay open until all OP tokens have been awarded.

We look forward to reviewing your application and supporting the development of innovative solutions on Gelato.


Team Gelato


Thank you for the information :+1: