General Frequently Asked Questions

Is Gelato Hiring?
Yes! Gelato has two open positions, Senior Front-End-Developer and Back-end Relay Node Engineer

Who can I contact regarding Partnerships and Integrations with Gelato?
@DaveLiebowitz on Telegram

Where can I submit a proposal for Gelato or any Feedback I might have?
In any of the relevant categories on this forum or the requests_ channel on discord

Are there any other Telegram channels for Gelato? Any Announcement Channels?
No announcement channels, only one official Telegram Channel.

Please be careful with any unofficial Gelato Telegram Channels.

Where can I submit a proposal for Gelato or any Feedback I might have?
requests_channel on discord or Technical Integrations Category on the Forum

Who currently controls Gelato’s Executors Infrastructure?
The Gelato Core Dev team currently controls the whitelist of who can run executor nodes and we work together with pre-selected operators that we monitor closely as well as running nodes ourselves. It’s a whitelisted system and the DAO will control it after the token sale

When can I run my own Executor node?
You can submit a github repo with an implementation of a Gelato bot for review. We are working on better documentation and libraries for people that want to run their own bot. After the gelatoDao launches the power will be given to the token holders and on top of social stake, executor node operators will also have economic stake in the system via or staking / slashing system

How do I get in touch with the team?
You can contact us directly through on Discord, Telegram or by emailing

How are the Executors compensated?
The bots are compensated by one of the tokens that are used in the trade to cover the cost of gas when the Executor incurs it on your behalf

Is there an air-drop?

What network will $GEL support?
$GEL will be an ERC-20 token

When do I need to fill out KYC?
Closer to the token launch you will receive an email outlining the specifics of the token sale including the KYC steps that you will need to complete.

How can we get on the whitelist?
The whitelist is currently closed for now, but do keep an eye on the official Gelato Telegram Channel and Twitter for ways to be involved in the Upcoming Token Launch

What will the total supply be for the $GEL token?
The total supply will initially be 420,690,000 GELATO. After 4 years, the community can vote on proposals that can increase the total supply of Gelato tokens in order to continue incentivizing new participants to join the ecosystem to further grow and develop the protocol sustainably in the long run.

What is G-UNI?
G-UNI is an automated rebalancing strategy (Powered by Gelato) on Uniswap v3 that mints a fungible erc20 token (G-UNI) that can be used in liquidity mining schemes across multiple platforms. Essentially it is just a wrapper around UNI-V3 LP positions.

Instadapp x G-UNI Partnership
On Instadapp’s side, they are utilising G-UNI to offer LP staking, on Uniswap V3 price ranges where you can enter with INST/ETH TO RECEIVE additional reward. They have implemented our G-UNI automated rebalancing strategy to keep concentrated liquidity in range bound, where you enter with INST/ETH to earn farming rewards

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