Getting Gelato Live on Arbitrum

Hey everyone! I have been talking to several different projects on Arbitrum and it is becoming increasingly obvious to me that it should be the next chain that Gelato deploys on. There are a number of quality projects on there such as FutureSwap, Dopex, etc. that could find utility in Gelato’s use cases.

I’m curious what everyone else thinks about this and if there are any suggestions of projects on Arbitrum that Gelato should reach out to?


How about working with GMX, Decentralized perpetual protocol on arbi and have value proposition of Gelato?


Hi David!
Arbitrum and Moonriver are certainly the two chains that I’m increasingly moving liquidity to.

The protocol that has already expanded across more chains than any other is Sushi and with their Trident protocol I wonder whether there are some interesting limit order and other automation opportunities there?

Have you dug into their Trident repo? GitHub - sushiswap/trident: Dunk


I like the idea of expanding to Moonriver. The network itself has been doing really well in attracting liquidity from various protocols (Sushi noticeably has been the biggest participant so far). Expanding to Moonriver also may give us the first mover advantage of taking part in KSM (and certainly later DOT) ecosystem as an automation service provider.


Yes, Arbitrum definitely sounds like a really good choice going forward, what do you guys think about also launching on Binance Chain soon? Definitely already more traction compared to the “younger L2s”.


I would say if the resource cost is “trivial”, then there is really no downside to launch on BSC. From where I see, BSC is seemingly losing momentum in terms of meaningful activities, innovations, and community curation. We can first split the networks into two categories:

  1. L2s
  2. EVM compatible L1s

Then consider two (potentially more) main aspects when deciding which network to go to next:

  1. technical difficulty
  2. ecosystem growth (especially DeFi as that’s where the automation can shine the brightest at the moment)

Fully agree with @btt, BSC is losing steam and it seems unlikely that this trend will reverse now that plenty of more decentralised low-cost EVM compatible L1s are available (and even more as L2s start rolling out). So if a launch there is easy as pie, then sure, but otherwise it is probably more strategic to target smaller but fast growing ecosystems.


Arbitrum is still my choice here. The teams and people building on it understand it’s key value prop that it is secured by Ethereum and imo are more generally long-term minded. The potential for huge applications to be built on Arbitrum or migrate over there is much higher as compared to sidechains.

It’s still early on Arbitrum and if we can get a foothold now it would be the most ideal. Just look at our collaborations with SpookySwap and SpiritSwap, although they were not huge when we secured those partnerships, now both have hundreds of millions of dollars in TVL collectively.

Furthermore, it would be awesome to see G-UNI on Arbitrum. I don’t think any of the other of the Uni v3 wrappers have migrated over yet so if we could have first mover advantage, we could become the standard on there as well.


I agree. Looking at the categories I set up in my previous post. Arbitrum seems to be a no-brainer choice.

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I agree for going to Arbitrum first. I see more traction on Arbitrum than BSC recently. And BSC is more a bull run trend, will not be used during bearish time. Good L2s like Arbitrum are here to stay.


Absolutely in support for prioritizing L2’s such as Arbitrum & Optimism over the aforementioned others.

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Couldn’t agree more!


I agree with the deployment to Arbitrum, which I personally think has more potential compared to other layer2.


Arbitrum is insanely fast. almost instant confirmation. will be great to try around PokeMe on arbitrum


This is fantastic. Arbi x gelato

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I agree, Arbitrum is a really good step. I think the chain lacks liquidity so gelato could play a big role by providing more effienct liquidity management via G-UNI. Some projects that can be reached out are CAP, Dopex or GMX, which could receive a really nice boost in volume and usage.

Apart from this i understand that the projects gelato is already working with (such as zerion or aave) can also be integrated.


Lets make this an official vote then!

Should Gelato Deploy on Arbitrum in November?

  • Yes
  • No

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Would love to see it :grinning:

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It would be fantastic to see GEL X ARBI. Would be fantastic when we see GEL deploy on DOT/KSM ecosystem starting with MOVR and then GLMR. Would be Legendary !!!

How do I charge them after the contract is deployed?