Introducing Gelato's GitHub Discussions

This month we introduced GitHub Discussions, a place where we regularly post answers to commonly asked questions, engage in discussions around feature implementations and listen to all of your feedback and suggestions that ensure we always deliver the best in class.

Check it out at:


Keep em coming! The latest posts were quite good.

Question though – is Github the best forum for things like discussions?

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Depending on the nature of the content being discussed,

For real-time support and technical integrations, Discord and internal groups will also be the best and most rapidfire enviornment.

GitHub allows us to build a strong knowledge bank and increase SEO rankings for regularly asked questions pertaining to Gelato.

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nice one @Dan, definitely a very good initiative.

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I think we could potentially do more to elevate/highlight content from GitHub discussion on either or What is Gelato? - Gelato Network

Other good piece of content that I just discovered because it was buried in the docs under ‘Users of Gelato’ is this Notion doc that lays out the ecosystem quite nicely (@Dan is this up-to-date and regularly updated? or are the community updates on Medium + social the best way to track new integrations?)

Great suggestion @randomishwalk we definitely need to bump up the SEO around this… We will be undergoing some major docs changes in the coming weeks along with a few surprises :wink:

Regarding the Gelato Ecosystem, yes - continuously updated! Additionally, we also post an updated ecosystem chart in each monthly community update

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Lovely thanks! Look fwd to seeing a refresh of the docs

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