Moving Governance discussions to Commonwealth

Does anyone have experience with using Commonwealth as a governance forum?

I am thinking about transitioning our governance forum to Commonwealth to have token gated voting within the forum itself. How does everyone else feel about this?

Would love to hear some pro’s and con’s based on your experience. Not sure if it is already sufficiently mature.


Hi Hilmar, i had experience with commonwealth on dydx community(about 9 months back however),i must admit that i found it very cool back then and the whole forum experience with voting and the extra features was much much better and more slick than a typical forum one. Voting mechanism was transparent and exceptional with off and on chain possibilities. I believe that is a good proposition and i support it.

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cool, thanks for your input @George! I share the same sentiment, curious to hear if we could get some more opinions in hear why it might not be a good idea.

Not against experimenting with it and migrating. But to @George’s point, good to know dydx has had some success using it. From browsing their website, it seems like a lot of Cosmos chains are using it which is a great sign tbh given governance over there seems a lot more robust and built out than what’s typical in Ethereum-based projects. See the Osmosis forum for example, which is built on Commonwealth

@hilmarx - how would migrating existing content from this forum to Commonwealth work? Or does that not matter in your view?

Imho, anything that would help to combine & cohere the longer-form nature of gov forums + Snapshot-like voting tools + ad hoc, brief comms channels like discord & telegram should be explored. Always easier to do stuff like this sooner rather than later, before habits have set in for community-members (maybe they have already, idk).

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totally agree here. We would try to set this up and propose certain rules that govern who can vote on what etc. We will first have to do a deep dive into the platform though to understand its functionalities and weaknesses. Right now the focus is more on creating a stronger presence in our discord server. Thereafter I think we will have time to dig deeper into Commonwealth and try to set this up!