Sorbet Finance FAQ

Can you trade any token on ETH & Polygon using Sorbet?
Yes you just need to input your contract address by copy and pasting it into the token field

Can I trade my Polygon/BSC shitcoins that have a burn/tax feature on Sorbet that require a minimum amount of Slippage %?
Yes, the tax will be applied upon the successful swap and you will end up with significantly less tokens. You can trade them just as you would anything else. However, trade these at your own discretion, as heavily illiquid coins may not Execute when you request due to that particular token’s monetary features. If it needs high slippage, it likely won’t work as intended.

Can my orders on Sorbet.Finance be frontrun?

Limit orders on Sorbet cannot be front run because we verify on chain that you receive your desired minAmount of your specified tokens.

What networks does Sorbet.Finance support?
Currently finance supports limit orders on the
Ethereum Mainnet & Polygon (Matic)

Are my funds safe when interacting with Sorbet?
Yes your funds are entirely safe. You are always in control of your own funds.The system has been battle-tested thoroughly and operates flawlessly.

What is the difference between Uniswap Limit orders and Sorbet Limit orders?
On Uniswap they are not really limit sell orders,
Instead, they’re limit orders within that specific LP Pool range, essentially setting the range between the price that the user specifies. This is just essentially narrowing the liquidity curve so much, that it basically becomes a limit order. UNI v3 “range orders” are similar but not identical to a true limit order. For instance they are over a non trivial range (not at an exact price) also they are reversible if you don’t withdraw in time and price moves back again

There is an Error using Ledger with Sorbet: “EthAppPleaseEnableContractData”
Enable Contract data, and ensure debug data is displayed.

How do I ‘buy the dip’ on Sorbet?
The way you would purchase a ‘dip’ due to market volatility in this sense is to create and order with a desired Output higher than the market rate. Lets use this example for instance;
I want to purchase 1ETH worth of The Graph (GRT) and for my swap I want a desired Output of at least 3000 GRT. Sorbet then calculates the Execution Rate required for your order to successfully fill and provides you with a reference according to the Swap Conditions that you specified. It also takes compensating the Gelato bots into account for paying the gas fee on your behalf. This is also why the Execution rate varies according to the price of gas.

Once the conditions for your order are met, where you will receive at least an Output of 3000 GRT for 1 ETH, as well as compensate the gelato bots. You will successfully be filled

Can I set slippage in Sorbet?
You cannot adjust slippage on Sorbet. But you do not really need to because the bot will only execute when they can get you your guaranteed minimum amount of your requested Output Token.

Does Gelato have any plans of integrating BSC on Sorbet.Finance?
Can i place a stop-loss or conditional orders using Sorbet?
At the moment you cannot place conditional orders such as stop-loss or take profit orders. This requires a complete redesign of the smart contract, however it is an aim to support these features in the future.

How often do the bots check the prices?
Sorbet uses the Uniswap/Quickswap (depending on the Network) as a price source for limit orders which are updated in real time.For DCA orders, the Executors use Chainlink Price Oracles

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