UI Dashboard for monitoring pending txs

I know that Gelato caters to developers, but even as developers, we sometimes prefer a nice user interface over a clunky command-line interface.

A simple frontend for monitoring pending txs automated via Gelato would go a long way. You may be able to draw some inspiration from Blocknative’s Mempool Explorer.


Hi Paul!

Thanks for your feedback. 100% agree with you.

We are currently assessing how to best boost Gelato developer integrations with some ready-made post integration monitoring and notification systems. Good idea to have it be like Blocknative’s mempool explorer.
Would you be interested in monitoring all of the network activity or rather just your own Gelato transactions and/or those concerning any of the dapps you integrated with Gelato?

In terms of notifications we’re looking into epns right now. Have you used them before somewhere and can share your experience?

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This is a great idea. Something that I’ve been thinking about and conceptualizing for months. Naturally it will be a necessary transition to a Gelato Dashboard style system when moving into monitoring the Executor tasks and overall network activity. The Introduction of Staking will further increase the need for a nice user interface within the dashboard.