What is the Gelato Network?

What is Gelato Network?

Gelato Network is a decentralized Automation Protocol built to serve the Ethereum blockchain, and expanding beyond to a multitude of blockchains where the need for automation is required. Gelato provides the ability to perform functions using smart contracts that otherwise would need to be manually submitted by the user. Smart contracts cannot act by themselves, they stand stationary until a user specifically submits a transaction. This is generally considered very time consuming and resource intensive especially for a series of tasks, or complex transactions. Not only are these systems time consuming to build, their bot infrastructure often remains highly centralized by the creators. In the event of a system outage, the whole network may be affected leading to unexecuted transactions at important times.

Using the power of Gelato, automatic execution on smart contracts becomes possible through the use of Executors on the Gelato Network. The Executors, better known as the ‘network of bots’ provide the infrastructure required to perform automatic executions for smart contracts. Their purpose is to stand by, waiting for certain conditions to be met, which are given instructions, and once these conditions are met, execute the transaction on behalf of the user.The integration of the decentralized Network of Bots allow for there to be no single point of failure, and is fully non custodial. The users are always in control of their funds during the entire automation process. This creates a highly efficient system that is extremely easy to integrate, saving developers and end-users time and resources that can be prioritised elsewhere.

The goal of Gelato Network is to solve the issues of lacking reliability, sophistication and centralization around dapps that want to offer automatic smart contract executions on behalf of their users. We aim to unlock the creative potential of every Web3 developer without
needing them to become an expert in managing the DevOps of running sophisticated bots on Ethereum. Our vision is to become the backbone of automated smart contract execution
on every smart contract platform, focused on reliability, decentralization, and developer friendliness.

For a further in depth read check out our official documentation