What Use Cases Do You Want To See Gelato Take Care Of?

At Gelato, we are always brainstorming and looking for new use cases that automation can cover to make everyone’s lives easier. Currently, we have limit orders on AMMs, debt refinancing vaults, and Uniswap v3 positions covered among others, but what else does everyone think would make for good use cases? What projects should Gelato reach out to in order to take care of them?


would be super interesting to see :icecream::robot:+ NFTs!


Asset management bot.

Smthing like;

  • when XXX is at price $YY, purchase Z amount of the asset and vice versa.

Email notif. service.

  • when tx executed, email noti sent to the user

Would be great to see an integration with a notification service like EPNS


Some raw ideas off the top of my head:

  1. queuing and depositing into capped pools (Idea: Automate entry to capped LPs by @freshaspect)
  2. copying buys/sells of monitored wallets
  3. repayment for nearly liquidated positions
  4. arbitrage between AMMs
  5. LP mining management, e.g. compound rewards into mining pools, withdraw liquidity based on projected short term impermanent loss, etc.
  6. converting mining rewards directly into stables or any specific tokens.

More coming


Conditional NFT buy and sell


Number 2 you mentioned there is an interesting proposal. I could see a lot of demand for copy-trading like that. Just a matter of how it will be built, especially a front-end. I believe Enso Finance is doing something in the spirit of this. Not copy-trading wallets per say, but is doing something with social metastrategies in DeFi (https://www.enso.finance/)


At the moment, the most concerning aspect to me is the potential manipulations from the monitored wallet holders once they are aware of it. It may be less worrying if it’s an exchange owned wallet. Once there’s enough volume, it may not end up well. Some restrictions may have to be implemented on the bots behavior, e.g. a cap on the total volume by the bots during a specific window and based on the liquidity level, so that the price won’t move too much.


Yea true, the address may act differently if it knows it is being copied.

I would like to see some degen experiments like auto-trading daily volatility. Smth like trading between ETH and DAI within a price bracket of +=10%.


Automated Salary payments for DAOs and Multisigs using e.g. ParcelHQ!!!


Bot for Play-to-Earn like Axie and other stuff?

Auto breeder

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I’ve made a tweet thread on some use cases I thought of (https://twitter.com/abearrug/status/1421987482913103877)

Also copy & paste here:

" At the moment, majority of Gelato’s use case discussion is centered around monitoring certain on-chain activities to execute some other on-chain activities.

Though the endpoint of an automation process is on-chain, i.e. an (a series of) on-chain transaction(s) executed by a bot, the start point can be signals from either on-chain, off-chain, or both. Right now the off-chain signals don’t seem to have the attention they deserve.

In the whitepaper, the use case of buy/sell based on tweets is mentioned, and there are certainly a lot more that can be explored. Just to name a few:

Logistics/delivery: once a product is delivered, the arrival time registry can act as a signal for the bot to decide whether or not to send the full payment from the customer’s wallet to merchant’s, depending on the delivery time agreement.

Or if a special good, e.g. fresh produce, has to be kept within a certain temperature range during delivery, the sensor data can act as a signal for the bot to decide whether or not to send payment upon reception depending on if the temperature requirement was compromised.

Betting: sport games, election results, price movements, etc. any quantifiable event can act as a signal for the bot to transfer fund to the winners.

An example of using both off-chain and on-chain signals can be the combination of payment transfer + gas fee threshold.

The possibilities are certainly limitless.

While some folks may say there are already projects that attempt to build these applications, the beauty of is that it can realize all of them by simply plugging data from any existing centralized system into a decentralized network (of bots), without the need of building a separate infrastructure for a specific purpose, which makes it trustless, permissionless, highly customizable and cost efficient. And of course, all that is just the tip of the iceberg for Gelato Network."


Thought of another use case, but sounds a bit evil :stuck_out_tongue:

Reoccurring wash trading on OpenSea. Two options:

  1. periodically switching hands of your own NFTs to fake the volume and “organic” rise of floor price;
  2. Bidding on your own auctions to raise the bidding price
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Limit orders for NFTs is a niche one - being able to select a bundle of NFTs to buy individual NFTs as soon as listed if under certain price.

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@DeFiDave Applying to real world assets being NFT’d and brought on-chain where Assets Originators can borrow the finance against the investors.

I suspect you guys might already be all over this one given that Furucombo already integrates Gelato but I wonder if there’s an opportunity to have a visual toolkit of trigger conditions (that Gelato bots essentially monitor) which can then be used to trigger any set of Furucombo actions within a single transaction. Feels like you could probably build a poor man’s arb bot using something like this?

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Cross chain limit orders :speak_no_evil:


Automated place my zed.run horses into races on polygon :slight_smile:

NFT limit orders and ICO/IDO processes :wink:

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