What Use Cases Do You Want To See Gelato Take Care Of?

Automatically sell at high thresholds and rebuy lower/compound positions on the same favored coin.

Add the ability to control / edit orders via telegram bot

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  • The possibility to build a series(concatenation) of orders based on the price variable. I.e. sell x for y when price = z, and then buy a and b when price = e,g
  • Perform an order when gas price is equal or below a certain threshold
  • Integrate NFTs/OpenSea orders
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Crypto Daily held a brief experiment doing this on Prime XBT a while ago if I remember rightly. The uptake of copying his trades was pretty substantial. Doing this in Defi would be big.


like the idea of 5. and 6.
farming is a full time job!

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Totally agree! Time consuming and stressful sometimes! An automated process is basically a private yield farming strategy. Can be pretty neat!

With the NFT mania, there may be a use case to use Gelato for automated NFT minting. Parameters such as min./max. gas, minting contract, number of failed attempts before the first success, number of NFTs to mint, etc. can be pre-defined. This would be a lot more efficient than manually operate on metamask.

Something I haven’t seen anywhere personally, automatically getting out of an LP position in Uniswap v3 once it gets outside the price range.
This would allow DCA in (or out) strategies between non-stable pairs and pool fees on top.
As an example, let’s say I want to gradually sell my ETH on the way up, I set up an ETH-DAI LP v3 with the top of the range where I want to have sold 100% of my ETH.
Currently I need to check the ETH price and go un-LP manually; by monitoring the price a bot could trigger an exit of the LP position.

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I would love to see Gelato in Polkadot / Kusama ecosystem!!! I am strongly believer in Polksama ecosystem as my followers, and we excited about Gelato as ❤️‍🩹 well

Gelato is blockchain agnostic, especially for L1s that have EVM, it’s just a matter of time.

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