Which projects do you wish that incorporated Gelato's smart contraction automation?

We’ve had some great ideas on the potential use cases of Gelato. As we are speaking, Gelato keeps being implemented into an ever growing group of partner projects. I think now it’s time to consolidate these “abstract” ideas we’ve had into more concrete examples, to draw an even clearer path where Gelato may further expand its footprint.

Since I assume that the majority of us have already experienced various protocols and products, I propose constructing your comment/proposal in the following format:

  • Which project(s) you wish that incorporated Gelato, and what this project does.
  • What the pain points of that project are when you use it, where Gelato can help
  • Whether it needs an existing/similar implementation that Gelato already has done with other projects, or a new framework needs to be developed.

Compared with the previous discussion about the use cases, the difference here is to be as specific as possible, so that the team and the community can have a clear target and therefore it makes it easier for everyone to evaluate if it’s worth further exploring with the said project(s).

I’ll go first.

Ribbon Finance, a protocol that generates yield through derivative trading strategies.

Pain points:
Currently Ribbon has only option trading vaults, e.g. wbtc, eth, usdc, etc. Because the strategies are basically betting on the weekly price volatility, there can be big differences between vaults in terms of APY but these differences are also volatile, which I suspect will continue so with the gradual “decoupling” between assets. Manually monitoring and shuffling your assets between different vaults to chase higher APYs can be daunting, especially everything is volatile. This process could be automated via Gelato based on a couple of parameters, e.g. the previous week’s APYs, the gas and withdraw fee compared to the APY difference, etc.

Old or New:
Afaik there is no existing working product from Gelato that does the similar work.

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Project: nftfi
The marketplace for NFT collateralised loans

Pain points : no auction model available …
Gelato can help in automation of those collateralised loans and executing loan orders when specific price points have been hit for the user

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Yearn & Vesper.
Yield farming protocols utilizing different strategies to generate passive income. What’s special about these two is that they have the type of vaults where multiple strategies are implemented in a single vault. Liquidity in a vault is unevenly distributed across these strategies depending on risk factors, changes in external protocols that vault interacts with, etc.

Pain points:
Right now, the decision on how the liquidity is re-distributed across these strategies is governance based and manually executed, which can be actually automated by Gelato as long as a set of parameters/criteria are clearly defined.

Old or New:
Afaik there is no existing working product from Gelato that does the similar work

Projects :
Any derivative trading DEX.

Pain points :
One of the missing and yet very important features on a derivative trading DEX is the automatic adding liquidity to a position to avoid liquidation. As a matter of fact, not even many CEX’s have this feature.

Old or New :
This seems to be a similar implementation as in Cono Finance for AAVE.